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Designing through the Seasons with Misty

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

Who enjoys decorating their homes through the seasons?  The transitions can be overwhelming beginning in the Fall when numerous holidays abound.  How can you create a comfortable space throughout the holiday season without being overwhelmed with decisions and an excessive budget?

Misty likes to keep the bulk of her decorating to a Fall theme and a Christmas theme.  Fall takes her from the transition of leaves changing, pumpkin lattes, and Halloween.  Around Thanksgiving, she brings out her Christmas decor that will last for the remainder of the year.  That gives her a solid 5-6 weeks surrounded by her favorite holiday decor!  And, this makes her happy!

Choosing what makes you happy in your home is key to any seasonal transition and the longevity of its design debut.  If Fall is your go to season, that should stay out through Thanksgiving to create the most comfort in your life.

The photo above is Misty’s living space before any seasonal decor is added.  Below is her transition from Fall to Christmas.  Can you spot all of the Nailed It® decor?!


Your holiday decor should bring joy into your life!  It can be nostalgic, comfortable, brightly colored, modern, streamlined…. whatever makes you happy!

Misty’s favorite things about her Christmas design choices:
1. All of my ornaments represent something significant in our lives.  Some represent activities that the girls are involved in each year.  Others represent activities we have done as a family.  And, some are ornaments we received from our wedding day.  This tree truly represents our lives together!
2. I place ornaments all over the tree…inside and out.  But, decorating it becomes a feeling of what fills it up each year.  And, the story it tells in the end is priceless.
3. Whimsy makes it fun! Using ribbon ringlets hanging down and surprise glitter balls sticking out throughout the tree adds to the magic!  Topping the tree with a full big bow is the perfect finishing touch.
And, of course Nailed It® decor pieces I have made over the years are sprinkled throughout to pull everything together!  It also allows me to reflect on how fortunate I am to work and create for an amazing company!

If you are looking to add to any of your holiday decor, stop by the studio and create with us! You choose the holiday, the colors and the style that adds magic to your design at home!

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