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Nailed It DIY Studio®?

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Can I bring Food or Beverages?
Absolutely. We are a BYOB all day, everyday. Whatever you would like to bring to snack on or drink during your time here is okay with us! Please keep in mind that it is a workshop space, and your food and beverage should be simple to serve and easy to cover if needed. We suggest finger foods and individual appetizer options.
What if I want to do 2 projects?
You can make as many projects as you would like during our open studio hours, however, if you are joining us during a private party time, we ask that you limit yourself to one project to ensure we stay within the time allotted.
Does everyone in the party have to make the same thing?
Absolutely not! Unless the workshop is project specific, everyone in the group can choose what they would like to make.
What if someone in my party cannot make it to the scheduled date/time that they paid for?
We understand that unforeseen circumstances happen. Each and every registered guest is prepared for in advance, so we cannot refund that seat, however, we will work with you to ensure that your situation is handled properly.
Do I need to bring anything to class?
No! We will provide everything you need to create your one of a kind unique piece.
Do I need to be crafty to take a class?
Classes are designed with all levels in mind. If at any point, you are uncertain with a step, we will guide you and ensure that you are comfortable.
How do I sign up for a class?
On our website you will find your location or click the “SAVE A SEAT” tab.
How can I pay for a class?
You can register and pay for class through our website under the “SAVE A SEAT” tab

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