DIY on your time

What sets us apart?

We’ve perfected DIY on your time. Appointments are always welcome, but we know that life does not always work that way. When the creative spark hits, your customers want to take advantage of it. Our studios offer a variety of options for all situations – from private parties and small group appointments to daytime and evening walk-in hours. We are not just for parties and planners. We have a system in place that makes the busiest of days a breeze.

Its all about the experience

Nailed It® is the ultimate DIY experience. We don’t play at DIY. We encourage, instruct and involve our customers in the experience. Studio Owners and ART-Tenders explain the process, provide creative guidance and instruction, and our customers built and create their own projects. We welcome all skill levels and encourage our customers to get down and dirty with a sander and a nail gun, all under the watchful eyes of highly trained staff.

We know the meaning of support

We really do have your back. We’re a small company with big hearts and we pride ourselves on the support we’re able to provide our franchisees. When you need something, you’re talking directly to the people who can provide solutions – not a help desk or answering machine. We are committed to making the right decisions for our customers, staff and franchisees and look at each situation with a clear mind so that we are always making good choices and giving clear direction.

We are family

Our studios are warm and welcoming and are meant to encourage the creative process. We want our customers to feel like old friends who make themselves at home around our art bar. That same feeling is extended to our franchisees. We walk the walk with you and make your process our process. There’s no question too small and there’s a solution to every problem.

We are  committed to our partnership with you and can’t wait to welcome you into our fold.

Franchise Lead

This may be in the form of retirement savings, home equity, stocks, bonds, etc.