Nailed It DIY Studio Youth Party Collage

Youth Parties

Give your child a party to remember!

Nailed It DIY Studio ® specializes in giving your child the most memorable, unique party! We allow children to use our tools and supplies in a safe environment as they become inspired following our simple step-by-step instructions.

Parties can be for any celebration including, but not limited to, Birthday Parties, Girl Scout Troops, Neighborhood Groups or even play dates and are tailored to both boys and girls!

All party packages include 10 children. Additional children will incur an additional cost.

​*Our parties are designed for children ages 5 and up.
Any child under the age of 5, must have a responsible adult present during the party.

Party Theme Choices:

(Click on each theme choice below to see details and examples)

Framed Initial & Monogram:

Framed Initial & First Name or Monogram Design option –

This project is seriously fun! (suggested for ages 10 and up)

Guests will be using more advanced tools, with our supervision, making this a party they will never forget!

Party host should provide studio with names and initials of all attendees three days prior to party date.


Burlap Initial Board:

This project will allow each guest to customize and design their own board by selecting from our fun background patterns and choice of font. Colored Burlap options will vary by location.

 Party host should provide initials of attendees three days prior to party date. 

Look what I made:

Featuring metal clips on a 24″ designed piece to hold your child’s favorite projects or awards. Any child would be proud of this one!

Monogram It:

Each child will select their choice of monogram shape from our library to make this a fabulous, personalized party!

Party host can download the option sheet below. Attendees should choose their monogram option and first, middle and last names at least 3 days prior to party date. 

Nailed It Branded Monogram It Option Sheet

Ombre Quote Board:

While learning the basic idea of creating an ombre effect using one choice color, each child will create a piece that is sure to inspire them!

Host may download the option sheet below and should provide attendees’ options to studio at least three days prior to party date.

Nailed It Ombre Quote Board Option Sheet

Mini Rustic Photo Frame:

Be sure to take plenty of photos during your party, because every kid will leave with a custom designed frame that they’ll need some shots for!

Party host should provide initials of attendees at least three days prior to party date.


Choose Your Own Quote:

Choose from our large collection of inspirational quotes where we have enough designs to ensure there is something for everyone in your party!

Download the Option Sheet below to have your guests choose their quote. All quotes must be received three days prior to party.

Nailed It Choose Your Own Quote Option Sheet

Hobby & Sport Image:

This project lets each child create and design a sign for their room that reflects something they love. Each child will need to choose their image choice at least 3 days in advance.

Party host may download the option sheet below and should provide silhouette and name of all attendees at least three days prior to party date. 

Nailed It Hobby & Sport Option Sheet


Party Planning Tips:

1.) Our projects shown above are our featured pieces. If you are interested in a project that is more custom, we will certainly work with you, however, you may incur an additional charge based on tools and elements used.

2.) Every birthday party needs a treat, but please allow us to suggest cake pops, or cupcakes rather than an ice cream cake or a large cake that needs to be cut and served. Please also try and bring juice pouches or re-sealable bottles as a drink option. If you would like to bring pizza or a small dinner option, please be sure to bring your own paper products.

3.) We do work in the option to open gifts during our parties, so if you would like to eliminate that, please let us know ahead of time, and plan on an early dismissal from the party.

4.) We encourage parents to drop off and pickup unless your child is under the age of 6. Please try and leave younger siblings behind as our studio is full of very interesting things for a young one. We wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt.

5.) Our Birthday Parties are tailored for children 6-years and older.

6.) Children’s Parties are held on Saturdays, at both studios, with three time options. 10am, 1pm & 4pm. If you are interested in any other date and time, prior arrangements must be made by contacting us at naileditdiystudio@gmail.com.

7.) Every child MUST bring a completed waiver with them or they will not be permitted inside our  studio. Please print and include this in your invitation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Nailed It – child party waiver


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