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Nailed It® Summer Camps

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Junior Woodshop, Youth Camp

What a wonderful summer we have had across the country at Nailed It®! The fun, the friends, and the creativity have been endless. Camps have sparked ideas, color choices, and empowered skills beyond anyone’s imaginations.

Not only did we have a variety of camps and mini-camps, but also our new Junior Woodshop courses were offered.  These are targeted courses that grow woodworking skills to a whole new level.  Safety, color theory, design and even how math and science play a part in all of it.  To see the joy on their faces when they accomplish practical new life skills is awe-inspiring.

We want to thank all of the Nailed It® youth from this summer.  Our studios shared their skills and their hearts with you.  But, what we saw in return was priceless.  We saw bright minds with electrified imaginations, new friendships budding out of a creative source, and empowered faces.  Oh, the faces say it all!

You all made the sunshine much brighter this summer.  We hope you enjoyed learning new skills and having fun with us. Remember, we have camps and activities throughout the year so this is not good-bye, but we hope to see you soon.  And if this post wasn’t enough to make your heart burst with joy and pride for these kiddos, take a look at a first hand testimonial from a camp attendee.  We love connecting with all of our DIYers especially the little ones!

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