The Nailed It DIY® Designs

All of our designs are shown in the galleries below. Hover over each gallery to browse through our design and size options. ** PLEASE NOTE** You can only view the designs on this page. Once you know what project size and design you’d like to create, you need to book & pay for your workshop, using the button below.

Small Solid 9x12 

 Small Stack 9x12 

MEDIUM Stack 14x14 

MEDIUM Solid Frame 14x14

Medium Stack Frame 14x14 

Large Solid 12x24

Large Stack 12x24

Larger Solid Frame 14x24

Larger Stacked 14x24

Larger Stack Frame 14x24

Big Stack 16.5x18

Mega Stack 23x24

Bigger stack 16.5x36

Ultra Stack 27x36


Oversized Frame Solid 1’x3′ 

Oversized Frame Solid 2’x3′

Oversize Frame 2’x5′

Plank 18″ 

Plank 36″

Plank 48″ 

Ruler Plank

Youth solid 9x7 

Youth Stack 9x7 

Beer Bottle Opener 18″ Plank 

Wedding Collection 

Dog Collection

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