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The Magic of DIY in the Eyes of Children

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

Oh, to be a child again!  My husband jokes that I relive my childhood through my little ones.  Absolutely, I do!  Every. Single. Day.  The wonderment and pure joy of learning something new for the first time or the excitement of seeing a pink sunset is a beautiful thing. (Pink is a big color topic in my house with all girls.)  Needless to say, when I get a wild hair for a new DIY trick or install, it usually centers around my kids.

Our playroom had gotten out of hand…we had hit rock bottom in the hodge podge of disaster.  So, I decided to take action.  My girls love to play bakery and anything that has to do with creating art.  Since I have already admitted that I am reliving my childhood, I will also admit that I happen to be enamored with gypsy travel trailers and food trucks.  The inspiration had begun….


One thing I knew up front, was there would be minimal if any construction on this particular project.  I wanted to be able to change it out quickly as the kids grew or interests changed.  Color and design was on the top of my list.  One of my favorite design tricks is to use wallpaper to create play spaces.  Spoonflower has a removable woven wallpaper that I use often.  It is super easy to install and I have used it for things like a custom doll house and to top a train table to create a seasonal Christmas village for the girls.

After drawing the bakery trailer design, the hardest part was scaling it properly and figuring out the install with the wallpaper panels.  It is not necessary to draw in order to do a project like this.  A photo would be an amazing way to capture your DIY vision and it would actually look realistic.  The table was added for practicality so that the girls could do art projects and have imaginative play at the same time.  I used an Ikea table top, two legs and two wall brackets to create the art space and “ledge” of the trailer.  Since I was dealing with a small desk space and a bright colorful design, I did not want to block it with two heavy chairs.  I found these acrylic chairs on sale and love the look!


Anyone with little ones knows that details are very important.  The details hold all of the magic!  In subsequent posts, I will share with you how I created some of the details in the room.  Details include an acrylic cupcake sign, a tic-tac-toe game set and matching tea towels at Nailed It DIY Studio, and the hand-drawn London phone booth that was also printed on wallpaper.  Can you imagine the conversations that are taking place on this vintage looking telephone?!

I will say it once more…Oh, to be a child again!  And, we accomplished it with the magic of DIY!

And, the best part really is the….



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