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by | Jun 21, 2021 | Beyond the Barn Door

Sarah’s Birthday Party Inspires Laundry Room Transformation
By Terri Bernhardt

Can I be honest? I never cared about how my laundry room looked. It was a “get it done” place. A pass through in our home from the garage to the kitchen. And it is a small space so I never thought about an overhaul until a few months ago. 

It all started in February at my friend Sarah’s birthday celebration at Nailed It® DIY Studio in Orlando. We took her there as a surprise as her passion is creating – just about anything possible – with wood. And she had never visited the studio. I had chosen a plaque for my laundry room that said “Mud Room the Dirt Stops Here” as I had just ordered a new washer and dryer. The technique I chose to use is called Chip It.

While having fun with my girls and creating my masterpiece, Sarah said, “You know what you should do? Build shelves to match. Make it your theme.” So, with her help I went to work. We bought wood, stain, paint and brick wallpaper. It took a few weeks but as progress was being made, we came up with a few more touches that enhanced the look.

We did it all from scratch and it was not only rewarding but fun! Thank you, Sarah, for your expertise and talented hands. Thank you, Nailed It® DIY Studio Orlando for inspiring me to beautify my home!

FUN FACT: did you know that the washer is almost always on the left and the dryer on the right for a reason? Because I sure didn’t. Reason? Front-loading washers typically swing open right to left & dryers swing open left to right, so when both are open, transferring clothes is an easier task.

For those of you in the Orlando, FL area please visit the Nailed It® DIY Studio and its owner, Margie.
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