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Misty and Shannon’s Summer Tablescape

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

What makes an impactful tablescape?  Here are Misty and Shannon’s go to tips:

Choose a Theme: Choose a theme and stick with it throughout the design.  It can be color, pattern, a design motif like flamingos or pineapples, family heirlooms or natural elements.  Misty and Shannon chose navy, white, natural and yellow for their theme colors and stripes as their coordinating patterns.

Height: Create varying heights on your table to display food, decoration or candles.  Use things like terra cotta pots and turn them upside down with their bases on top to create a unique serving dish.  Place a cake stand on top of a terra cotta pot to create even more height and drama.  Use candles with varying heights through pillars, votives and even on top of wood slices.  Galvanized buckets turned over create height and texture in your design as well.  You can even go as far as to use a cardboard box and cover it with cloth to create levels.

Layers: Use texture and height to layer through out your design.  Concrete pavers painted with your coordinating pattern, linens (in our case painted drop cloths), wood chargers, and natural elements like lemons and greenery from the yard can create a warm and inviting table through depth and color.

DIY Decor: Add your own touch to coordinate your design for very little money.  Misty and Shannon used inexpensive terra cotta pots, craft paint, dollar store silverware, glass cylinders and one 6×9 drop cloth that covered all of the table linens.  In our next post we will show you all of their DIY creations in detail.

Natural Elements: Citrus makes an amazing pop to any design especially with neutral colors.  Misty and Shannon used lemons and limes in theirs, but oranges and apples also make a good choice.  Other natural elements include greenery right from your own yard and rope to accent DIY decor.

Personalization:  This makes the table.  Your guests will feel the warmth of your invite by including their name at each place setting or a hand written summer sentiment.  Misty and Shannon take this to the next level by painting each guest name on a green leaf pulled from the yard with a gold paint pen.  This not only personalizes the experience but also adds another layer and texture to the design.

In this wonderful Summer DIY tablescape Misty and Shannon point out some very important takeaways to help in your own design.  Misty cannot emphasize enough the importance of varying height on the table.  It creates interest and allows the eye to travel fluidly through the design making it warm and enjoyable for everyone.  Shannon says it is important to stick to your theme.  By choosing a set pattern, design or color to use throughout your design, it will create the most impactful tablescape and entertaining gem.  It will also make a seemingly complicated design come together very easily!

Happy creating!


Shannon and Misty - Founders
Darby Copeland - Director of Franchise Operations
Amy Johnson - Lead Designer