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Beyond the Barn Doors: Milestones and Memories

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Beyond the Barn Door

If you reached deep into the proverbial pockets of a lifetime, what would you pull out? What memories would float to the top superseding all others? Would it be a birth, a wedding, or a memory of a loved one? How would you keep that memory alive? How could you create something physical as a daily reminder of the love, comfort, and joy this memory brought to you in your life?  While these answers are personal for each individual, one special bride found a way to commemorate a loss to her husband-to-be within their wedding.

The year before Kelsie and Ionut Pupazan were to be married, Ionut’s mom passed away.  As you can imagine, she was a very special person in Ionut’s life.  Kelsie missed her too.  The excitement and joy of their upcoming wedding was palpable, but so was the fact Ionut’s mom would not be able to attend.  Kelsie wanted to do give something special to Ionut so he knew his mom’s spirit would always be with them.  They were not only joining in marriage, but also in the commemoration of his mom that they could hold dear in their lifetime together. 

Ionut’s mom always read to him when he was younger and made him read a lot as well.  It was this love of reading that a mom passed down to her son and one that Kelsie was about to etch into their memories as a married couple.  One special poem by Rudyard Kipling stood out to her that Ionut’s mom would read to him.  Kay Flick with Nailed It® DIY Studios in Rock Hill, SC helped Kelsie design and emblazon the memory of Ionut’s mom onto a wood sign. It would become a custom piece for their home and lifetime together.

Every weeded letter, every paint stroke, gave more and more meaning to the new memory they were creating.  It would commemorate a lifetime of someone special and a beginning to something new.

Kelsie presented the wood sign to Ionut at their rehearsal dinner and in an instant, his mom was there.  She was always there, but now they have a reminder that in their hearts she will stay.

Memories are yours.  They are fond moments, exceptional people, and even funny quotes.  It is the connections we make with other people and even places that make us feel good, supported and joined.  At Nailed It®, special moments are remembered into custom creations.  Join us, it all happens Beyond the Barn Doors.

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