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Metal Chameleons

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Uncategorized

We use metal finishes everywhere in our homes: lighting, cabinet hardware, kitchen sinks and faucets, range hoods and appliances and even furniture and home decor.  So, what is on-trend in metal finishes?  Some of the long time staples in the world of metal finishes have changed and are changing right in front of your very eyes.  How is that possible?  There is always a matte black, polished silver, brass, stainless, copper, etc. in the classic metal finish choices.

Many of those classics have skewed their colorations, but they are not always easy to detect.  Current trend moving into 2020, we are seeing tonal shifts in metal finish options.  Mixing metals has been very popular for ten plus years, but we are now seeing some unique combinations and a softening that we have not seen in the past.  The current design theme in our homes is “comfortable” and everything from trend paint colors to fabrics have softened and brightened to give us that seamless comfort appeal.

Let’s look at some examples:

Note the smooth transitions of the ombré finishes.  They are comfortable and show a softening to any hard lines of historically cold or hard metal finishes.

Are you noticing any patterns in the softness and warmth of the finishes?  They are actually chameleon finishes.  We are now mixing bronze over gold and champagnes over golds and bronzes to soften.  This makes you think: Is the finish gold, brass, or bronze?  That is the “comfort” in these new transitioning finishes.  They are so versitile and soft that they can blend into any decor.  It makes the mixing of metals so much easier.  You can now upgrade your sink faucet and cabinet hardware to Champagne Bronze and it will blend with your stainless appliances better than the stark contrast of yellow brass. Changes are easier, more comfortable.

We have all seen matte black.  It’s classic; it’s clean.  But, there is also a new matte black.  It is almost chalky in tone, almost textural and “flatter” than matte with its lack of sheen.  In the finishing industry we call it Dead Flat.  This can be a hard finish to achieve properly, but its impact is awe-inspiring.  So, when you think you have seen one matte black to a flat black to another…look again!

Did you know Rose Gold was “out” this year as far as trends are concerned?  Well it was and is coming back with a twist.  Some companies still call it Rose Gold, but it is very different.  Remember the new metals are chameleon finishes.  The new rose gold adds champagne overtones to blend its historically harsh copper undertones.

Is this Bronze, Gold or Brass?  It is Champagne Bronze and as a chameleon finish it too can pass for multiple tones and blends well with other metals.  In recent past, we would have called this Blonde Bronze, but with its champagne overtones it transforms into something completely different.

Are you starting to see the trending finish applications that manufacturers are using?  These seemingly soft and simple finishes are actually a complex layering of tones.  And, of course, our running theme…it creates softness.  So, all of our historically standard finishes have now blended with warm silvers and golds to seemingly “pearlize” them into a soft soothing element in design.

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