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Making a Difference with Positive Words

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Community is an important part of Nailed It’s mission.  Shannon had a vision of promoting positive words for children through a local school which became national news.  Here are her own words:

Just imagine how many lives could be changed by this one news story. Or how many kids could find themselves walking into positive messages in their bathrooms because it inspires someone to do this in their school. These tiny minds are being trained by our words and our environments that we are creating for them.

I get it. I wasn’t fed the best of messages during my times at school and I’ll forever have empathy for those kids that feel alone. I know what it felt like to be pointed and laughed at, called “fatty” or told I just wasn’t invited… wasn’t included. Ever. Finding notes in my locker reminding me how fat and ugly I was…I had to dig up inside me words to make myself feel better and often times, I wasn’t even sure how to do that. What if I ran into the bathroom and was reminded, “you got this!” Or “you are beautiful.”?

God certainly knew I could handle it and that I had to go through it to let it set that fire in me. I made it out of those years and I’m now an adult that has a different understanding when a child is picked on or bullied. It sets something off in me that hurts still and I feel that kids pain. I know this is my turn to do something I can do that will make an impact. My weight didn’t end up defining me after all. So to all those who threw those mean words at me…I WAS rubber after all and I pray that you are teaching your kids to do better than you did. In the meantime, please know your the reason for this passion, so we’re even now.

Cheers to NBC and Bree Douglas for recognizing the strength behind words painted on a bathroom stall. Cheers to all those that are inspired tomorrow when this airs across the country.

What a meaningful impact on a local school broadcasted nationally.  This story will be more far reaching than she ever could have imagined when others follow suit and help out in their own communities.

Be Kind.  Share Love.  Make a difference.

Shannon and Misty - Founders
Darby Copeland - Director of Franchise Operations
Amy Johnson - Lead Designer