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Holiday Trend Colors and Transition

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Winter is nearly upon us, and if you keep up with color trends, then you have probably seen these tones floating around in retail stores.  These colors are also translating into holiday designs.  Are you a traditional green and red holiday designer?  Do you like all white or a monochromatic theme?  Could you steer away from your comfort zone and drive in tones of wheat, mauve and deep blue?  We are going to try it with our Bohemian Farmhouse guest bedroom we recently updated.  Since our room is a modern farmhouse design using these trend colors to blend current design styles may just work…

Let’s try it!

The trend colors translate into Nailed It® Studio’s Ocean Depth and Blushing Bride colors.  So, that is what we will incorporate into our holiday designs.  We want the layering of designs to take us from Fall/Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas into the New Year.  How do we do that with minimal additions/purchases? And what do we use to do it?

My go to pieces for layering between holidays are pillows, throws, greenery, and/or family heirlooms.  In this case, we are going to try layering our artwork.  That can sound expensive, but not when you make minimal adjustments to an already established focal point.  We created that in our Bohemian Farmhouse guest room update so we are right on track.

I went to Nailed It® DIY Studio and created some new accent signs in smaller 14″x14″ and 9″x9″ square sizes.  I did not want a complicated design or to complicate it with a lot of colors in order to keep it more modern and clean.  They had so many wonderful designs to choose from and I could take bold elements to pair with my more complicated Shibori design.  There were 6 signs created in total to switch in and out during the holiday season that would take me from September until March.  That’s half a year!

Here are the combinations I came up with:

After this exercise in design, I found it refreshingly easy to change out a guest room for six months out of the year.  I like that it stays clean and modern, but relevant to the seasons to make my guests feel at home.  If a more modern farmhouse look is not to your liking, you can add more holiday decor items like throws, greenery, or family heirlooms into the mix.  The textures and finishes you use on your wood artwork can also play a role in the feel of your room.

I would say, overall, I like the pop of Blushing Bride to accent the Christmas holiday.  It is a bright pop of color to accent a holiday of cheer!

What are your thoughts? Could you use minimal accents in one of your rooms to make seasonal changes? Could you use mauve and deep blue tones for your holiday decor?  Share your designs over on the Nailed It® DIY Crew Facebook Group.

Cheers and Happy Creating!

Shannon and Misty - Founders
Darby Copeland - Director of Franchise Operations
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