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Beyond the Barn Doors: Experience of Connection

by | May 27, 2021 | Beyond the Barn Door

Connections are powerful and you never know how deep they will run. For Marie DeSimone, owner of Nailed It® DIY Studio in Carnegie, PA, one such connection was made that was life changing for both the customer and the studio owner.
Marie met Toni back in the fall, and she mentioned that she and her fiance were buying experiences for each other for Christmas.  How fun! Toni chose Nailed It® to be that experience they would share in the studio one Friday night.  She chose ” I am his weakness” for her fiancé Ralph and ” I am her Strength” for herself on 18″planks. They chose an additional element to add to their planks…photos they chose of each other.  It was a grand night of an amazing couple celebrating their life together and their creativity! Ralph even mentioned missing a football game for the event.
Toni and Ralph has a wonderful time creating together that night!
As many of our connections in the studio go, this story does not end here.  Toni texted Marie at the studio a couple of days later and let her know that Ralph’s mom had passed away.  Toni thought of her recent Nailed It® experience and wanted to do something special for Ralph and his siblings, one brother and one sister. Toni chose the poem shown along with her ideas.  She ordered three of the same design for Ralph’s beautiful family.  The final signs Marie created for them were loved by all and the extension of the Nailed It® experience between a studio owner and a customer became so much more…more like family.

It is the experiences that lead us together and the connections that make us whole.  Join us! It all happens Beyond the Barn Doors.

Featured Location: Carnegie PA Nailed It® DIY Studio

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