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Easy DIY Fleece Pumpkins

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Fabric Pumpkins are one of the hottest Fall trends this year.  Fleece, Flannel, or Velvet…pick your poison to create beautiful textural accents for your home.  This season as we approach 2020, our aim is softer, brighter and warmer design trends in our homes.
Creating softer and warmer things for our homes creates comfort.  Fabric pumpkins fall into that category.  Using fleece, flannel or velvet are wonderful ways to play the warmth up in your centerpieces and displays.  These pieces do not take much fabric, so recycling flannel shirts or fleece blankets is a wonderful way to upcycle something you no longer use. I chose a plaid fleece in keeping with some of the Fall/Winter design trends.

Here is what you need:

The key to making these handmade pumpkins exceptional are the dried pumpkin stems!  I have to admit, I did not know these existed until this project and I was blown away with the result. I suggest using a thread that is similar in color to your fabric so that it does not stand out and deter from the finished project.  Here are the steps below:

1. Cut varying sizes of circles out of your fabric.  I used things around the house to trace the circles…one was a bowl, one was a bucket and the other was actually a martini table top!  The size circles I ended up cutting out were 8″, 12″, and 18″.

2. Use any thread you have hanging around the house and double thread your needle.  (Cut a long piece of thread.)  Next tie a knot on the opposite end from the needle.  Using large stitches, go all the way around the circle of the piece of fabric about 1/2″ inside the outer edge.  Trust me, this is not like sewing a garment or anything technical.  It’s fast and easy and does not have to be perfect.  It will all draw up in the end and you can tuck the edges inside the pumpkin top.

3. After threading all the way around the fabric circle, pull on the needle and cinch the fabric up.  Place about 1/2 cup of rice in the bottom of the fabric “pouch” first.  This is also not rocket science.  It basically weights the pumpkin down and helps with the structure.  On the large ones I made, I added about 1 cup.

4. Add polyfil fiber.  And fill more than you think it will hold.  But, make sure you can still cinch it closed.

5. Then, use various stitches back and forth over the “opening” making sure to pull it tight when you are doing so.  Then knot to hold closed.

6. This last step is not necessary, but I think it adds to the structure of the pumpkin.  By creating a “dimple” on the bottom of the pumpkin it sits a little wider and stought. Use the same needle and thread and thread down through the center of the pumpkin out through the bottom and move the needle over about a 1/4″ and go back up through the center of the pumpkin and pull to tighten that “dimple” in and tie off/knot to secure. Cut thread.

7. Use a glue gun to secure a pumpkin stem to the top over where the fabric cinched together.

The largest pumpkin took me about 7 minutes to make once I had cut out the fabric circle.  So these are fast and easy! Here is a visual of the process:

Cheers to warmth and comfort in your home this Fall!

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