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DIY Staircase Runner Tutorial

by | Jun 25, 2021 | DIY Tutorial

In our latest Facebook LIVE of “Nailing Your Life with Misty and Shannon”, we discussed one of my recent DIY home renovations.  Installing your own staircase runner can be intimidating.  Let me help you through the process so that you can Nail this project in your own home!  The results are stunning.

Carpet Runner, Carpet Padding, Carpet Tape

I used 4 total runners and two packages of padding.  Before starting any of this, I made sure I cleaned the heck out of the stairs because I knew this was my only chance! Once I laid the carpet, I knew that was it!
Measure, Measure, Measure! Take the following measurements; 1. Width of your carpet pad. 2. Width of your carpet runner. Pay attention to your runner width and be sure it isn’t too wide or not wide enough to look even on the stairs. The carpet pad is one large piece, so you do have to cut each step piece, but this saves so much money! Lay your carpet pad on a flat surface and mark the measurements. I did not want the carpet pad sneaking out of the sides, so this size was perfect and I only had to cut my strips. You also want to shoot for a width that matches your carpet padding so that you do not need to cut as much on your padding.
Using blue painters tape, I measured each step to be the width of the carpet runner and marked it off. This allowed me to ensure that I was staying in the lines and laying my carpet pad evenly down the entire staircase. I laid the carpet tape across the step and carefully laid the carpet pad as evenly as I could. I just eyed this because it was never going to be perfect on each step.


Lay your padding on top of the tape. Repeat on each step. Any odd turns or shapes, just stick with the flow of the staircase and do the best you can.
Tip: Use a sharpie that matches your carpet runner so that you do not see the shiny staple in any places it may be visible.


Tip: Use a sharpie that matches your carpet runner so that you do not see the shiny staple in any places it may be visible.

Once your Carpet Pad is paid all the way down, take the first full carpet runner and decide if the edge is too thick to staple or if you can begin under the first stair lip just fine. The edge of mine would have been better cut off where I started, so I would suggest trimming the end, folding it over and starting that way. Mine is bulky because I left the original end seam.

Angle your staple gun up underneath that lip and start with your first staple, working your way across to the other side.  If you are using a pattern, just keep it straight by eyeing a place on the pattern that you specifically staple. I tugged a little on mine so it was tight, but I did not go crazy. I know it will stretch over time and I will deal with that if needed, but I did not want to manipulate the design and pattern too much.

Tips: When you get to the end of a runner, there are a few ways you can do this. If you have a pizza slice/angle. I suggest stopping your carpet runner at that lip and starting a new piece just for that angled stair tread and riser, then starting a new one under that lip. You will never be able to get your carpet to “turn” the right way to continue.
Work your way to the base until completing the project. Nice work! You did it!
Here are some additional tutorial outtakes to help with your own project!


If you missed our Facebook LIVE event, check it out below.


Now, what about options for the staircase landing?  There are so many ways to show off your personal style and/or trend.  You can get “wild” with an exotic print like the cheetah wallpaper.  Create an accent wall color and display pattern signs from Nailed It® or show off a current trend like the Peacock wallpaper.  What design would you want to welcome you at the top?  The wonderful thing about the wallpaper option I have chosen is that it is removable.  So, as trends change or your style changes, you can remove the wallpaper and change out with another.  This also makes it more budget friendly using wallpaper on an accent wall instead of an entire room.

We also mentioned wall galleries in our LIVE and a unique project for those are our Print Perfect patent designs.  You can choose any patent that fits your style and wood color or finish to match your decor.  These are definite conversation starters!

We can’t wait to see the new DIY projects you have in store for your home.  Share with us on The Nailed It® Crew page on Facebook.  We hope that we have inspired you to pick up a hammer and Nail It!
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