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DIY Industrial Leather Napkin Ring Tutorial and Video

by | Nov 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

Do you love entertaining for the Holidays?  We do, and are always looking for unique and easy ways to accent our tabletops when serving our guests.  Mixing textures and materials is a wonderful way to create a design “pop” on your table design.  Leather and gold are two trend accents that fit perfectly into our Modern Farmhouse theme that create an industrial chic look that can be used all year around.


Here is what you need…


You can purchase all of the nuts, washers and screws at your local hardware store and the leather strap at a craft store or recycle an old belt.  Thrift stores are also great resources for leather belts that you can cut for your napkin rings.  They provide a tried and true worn look that increases the visual texture and storyboard of your table design.

Please note that depending on the size of the belt you use, you may want to change the size of your screws, washers and nuts.  I chose a very robust screw because I wanted an oversized look; however, pick the size that you like to go with your leather strap.  Once you are in the brass hardware section of the hardware store, you can pull different sizes to view next to your leather strap.  I also chose slotted screws as I think they give a higher end look, but Phillips head is a fine option as well.  And, you can always choose silver instead of gold if it matches your design better.

Use a box knife or Exacto Knife to cut the leather strap in one 8″ long strip.  You will have to make several passes with the knife to cut through the leather…patience is a virtue here.  After cutting, measure down 1″ from one end and find the center.  Then drill that hole out slowly as not to rip and pull the leather.  Fold the leather strap over to meet the other edge and line up.  Then, drill through existing hole through the other side of the leather strap to complete both holes.  Finally, attach the hardware.

See our video on how it’s done!

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Cheers and Happy Creating!

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