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DIY Hand Painted Tile Backsplash

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

Shannon is at it again!  Another weekend project renovating her kitchen by hand painting her tile backsplash.  You can update and modernize your kitchen with paint instead of a costly and messy tile demolition. Who’s ready to love their kitchen again?!

Builder grade to design worthy!  Shannon had her cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Naval and chose soft brass hardware knobs, brass pulls, and a modern globe light. She removed one cabinet and built her own open shelving display.  With all of these fabulous adjustments, it was her DIY tile project that put her design over the top in Modern Farmhouse design.  Here is how she did it:

Step 1:  Clean the tile using TSP and a rough scrub pad.

Step 2: Remove all of the caulking around the entire countertop so that so that you can add fresh caulk after you complete.

Step 3:  Paint two coats of the Bullseye primer.

Step 4:  Paint two coats of the chalk paint in linen white making sure it looks solid.    

Step 5: Begin stenciling by finding a good starting point.  Shannon’s was under the microwave. After the large pieces were stenciled, she cut the stencil up to use in the hard to reach spots. Clean the stencil every three to four uses. She made sure it dried by using a blow dryer so she didn’t have to wait!  After the stencil dried, shewent in and painted the grout lines white to create a more tiled look.

Step 6: Paint two coats of poly and let it dry in between.

shannon’s tip: Don’t rush into the poly step…it is tricky on chalk paint! It started wetting down the paint job and almost smeared it. Use a fine brush, painting a light coat only sweeping once over a spot, then let it dry and you should be set!

Shannon says, “Sit back and swoon over this $30 project!”  Join us on our DIY community page to share your own successes with tile painting!

Happy Creating!

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