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DIY Acrylic Sign- Video Tutorial

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you followed our latest post on the whimsical playroom DIY makeover, you were privy to some of the details that made it magical.  One of those details was an acrylic cupcake sign for the Bakery Trailer.  It gave the design a clean, modern flair and some depth and “reality” to an otherwise flat design.

Here is how it was done.  See below for a materials list and tips.

Painting on acrylic is not hard, but it does take multiple coats of paint if you want an opaque color or design.  I kept holding mine up to the light to make sure I achieved my desired opaqueness.  Remember, if you use a stencil or other design, you will need to print or cut it out as a mirror image.  The design should be placed on the backside of the acrylic so that it shows through and creates that glass-like reflection.  I chose to put a color behind my cupcake design to make it stand out a little more, but you can also choose to let your wall color be your background.

Here is a supply list:

Lexan Acrylic 8″x10″ Sheet,  Aluminum Stand-Offs, Acrylic Paint, Sea Sponge for detail painting, Smooth Paint Roller if painting entire back, Drill, and Drill Bit


Feel free to reach out with any questions! This was a fun project to try in a different medium other than wood.  And, the result was perfect for this whimsical DIY playroom.

Happy Creating!

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