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Defining Spaces

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Design

How do you define spaces in your home? In the day and age of open floor plans, using intention in your design plan is essential.  You must intentionally arrange, separate, group and create focal points to define spaces that not only create uniques spaces but also enable flow from space to space throughout your home.

One major way to define spaces in your home is with construction.  You can build walls, use different flooring for different spaces, drop ceilings or even add architectural beam supports.  But how do we define spaces in a less dramatic and more affordable way?

Color is the easiest way to define spaces and create niches within your home.  Black kitchens are one of this year’s hot new trends.  Painting kitchen cabinets black or islands that connect into the family room for example gives distinction in open floor plans without putting up any walls. Not only that, it engages the eye with clear distinctions of the flow in your home from one space to another.

Wallpaper is not going away any time soon.  It is a wonderful way to accent a wall in a space or even a ceiling.  It can add drama, texture or change the visual size of a room depending on the design and its orientation.  Did you see what kind of wall covering Shannon Evans used to define a space behind closed doors? Check out last week’s Nailing your Life by Misty and Shannon for more details.


Lighting can be so much fun to use to differentiate one space from another.  The size, shape and style all play a part in this function.  You can use it to define reading nooks with low level hanging or task lights.  Or, create drama with an extraordinary chandelier to define an eating space.  Lights radiate down and out and can define the area the light touches.

Eliminate traditional room dividers with the use of rugs.  Define living room areas, dining spaces, hallways, offices and so much more.  Intentionally use size and shape that fits these spaces.  Use the same color or existing pattern in your home to create a cohesive flow and harmonious living.  While rugs define spaces, they also need to tie into your design theme. And, don’t be afraid to layer rugs for interest!

Furniture can actually create “walls” in an open floor plan or within one space.  It can be done with couches, a set of chairs, or a dining table for example.  But, ultimately, how you group them will determine the definition of space.  Within a living room, you may have the couch facing the TV wall, a set of chairs next to the fireplace and a desk in one corner with your computer.  Within one space, you can create these three distinct areas…TV viewing, fireside chats, and a functional office space. Intentional placement and sometimes using every corner of a room can create all of the “spaces” you need in your home.

At the end of the day, the most important factor in defining spaces in your home is personalizing them.  What makes you happy? What are some things you enjoy in your home?
If you are a coffee lover, how about dedicating a coffee bar in your home with a piece of furniture or counter space that may be available?  Infuse your personality with your favorite mugs, coffee, and even wood signs.  Look what studio owner Margie Dotson in Orlando, FL has done in her own home with a dual purpose personalized coffee and cocktail bar in her home. Genius!
Is your bedroom your favorite retreat?  How would you define a space for comfort while infusing your own style?  Studio owner Kristy Flores in Jacksonville, FL has done a wonderful job displaying a special family photo above the bed adding texture and interest to the wall. This not only adds interest to the room but tells a comforting story about her lifestyle and what makes her happy.
And how many of us love the outdoors? Missy Cramer, studio owner from Summerville, SC, obviously enjoys her outdoor space with her family! Look at the infusion of color and design she chose in this tropical design featured in her outdoor space.  Colorful, personalized, and engaging!

What types of spaces have you defined within your home? Inspire us!  Share photos of your spaces with our creative community on our VIP Facebook Page.

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