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DIY Staircase Runner Tutorial

In our latest Facebook LIVE of "Nailing Your Life with Misty and Shannon", we discussed one of my recent DIY home renovations.  Installing your own staircase runner can be intimidating.  Let me help you through the process so that you can Nail this project in your own...

DIY House Flip in Revloc, PA

Flipping houses can be a dream for avid DIYers.  It also comes with a lot of hard work, vision, and the ability to pivot through unforeseen problems in the process.  Jill Sikora, owner of Nailed It® DIY Studio in Phoenixville, PA, is one of those hard working DIYers...

Modern Farmhouse Porch Paint Tutorial

It's that time of the year to bring outdoor spaces to life! What about your front porch entry? Shannon has transformed the entry to her home in some amazing ways.  The most standout change was painting and stenciling the porch floor.  And, guess what, she will show...

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