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Beyond the Barn Door

Beyond the Barn Doors: Experience of Connection

Connections are powerful and you never know how deep they will run. For Marie DeSimone, owner of Nailed It® DIY Studio in Carnegie, PA, one such connection was made that was life changing for both the customer and the studio owner. Marie met Toni back in the fall, and...

Beyond the Barn Doors: Milestones and Memories

Beyond the Barn Doors: Milestones and Memories

If you reached deep into the proverbial pockets of a lifetime, what would you pull out? What memories would float to the top superseding all others? Would it be a birth, a wedding, or a memory of a loved one? How would you keep that memory alive? How could you create...

Shannon and Misty - Founders
Darby Copeland - Director of Franchise Operations
Amy Johnson - Lead Designer