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Bohemian Farmhouse Guest Room

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Everyone loves to refresh rooms in their homes.  What most of us really want is a complete gut job and for Joanna Gaines herself to come in and just take over.  And, unfortunately, for most of us, that is unattainable.  So how can we make simple design choices to update spaces that make an impact? 

The holidays are upon us and the first thing I think about are all of the guests that will be in and out of our homes and span the length of several holidays.  We all want inviting spaces that make us proud to host the special people in our lives.  So how do we start?

  1. Choose what inspires you!  Our inspiration comes from a little bit of Farmhouse, a modern twist, with a dash of bohemian.  So, Bohemian Farmhouse it is!
  2. Work with the bones of your room.  What is the existing wall color, bedding, and basic furniture?  Does any of it fit within your inspiration board? Clear out all of the other clutter to start with a clean slate.
  3. Highlight the simple elements in your inspiration rooms and bring those into your space.  Our elements are a deep blue, a farmhouse bed, rustic wood tones, brass and a Shibori print.

Let’s get started!  Are you ready for the before…here’s what we are working with.

Luckily for us the wall color in this room is a perfect neutral greige, Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray.  We have a farmhouse bed that fits within our inspiration and neutral bedding that may work if we bring in a few accents to make it pop.  What we don’t see are rustic wood tones to set this space apart and any sign of actual color, wall decor, or a bohemian pattern.  Seems like a tall order…let’s break it down.

Remember, this a simple update with a big impact.  We are not going to re-paint and completely strip out this room.  We are working with what we have by adding a few accents and a color to achieve our Bohemian Farmhouse look.

Wood Tones   By looking at the before picture, the easiest way to bring in wood tones is with a new side table and with any artwork above the bed.  I want to be able to change out artwork seasonally, or add to it, so a wood ledge is a perfect choice for this space. And, to stay on-trend, it should be a floating wood shelf.  You can easily interchange artwork and accents without riddling your wall with a barrage of holes to hang things and worry about lining up different collections.

Brass   The easiest way to bring brass or soft gold into the room will be through the side table lighting.

Color   Nailed It® DIY Studio came out with the most beautiful on-trend winter colors recently.  So, my choice became a no-brainer with Ocean Depth which is similar to the colors in my inspiration photos.

Let’s go shopping!  Here is what I ended up with…

I was able to achieve my designer look within a small budget by shopping at Home Goods for the table and lamp. And, the shelf at Pottery Barn happened to be on sale. I fell in love with the organic shape and color and texture of the wood table.  However, the legs did not match within the design scheme.  The beautiful top and the affordable price still made me purchase this piece with the intent to refinish the legs in farmhouse black.  No problemo, right?!

Well, I ran in to an additional snag when I brought the side table back in to the space.  Not only was the color off, it was too short!  So, it was time to weigh my options.  Do I return the piece, or look for a solution?  I was in love with the table top so I researched legs and found some hairpin legs that would be on-trend for this design and the correct color!  And, to be honest, for the price, there was no looking back.  I chose the 24″ high legs, but I could have used the 28″ as well.  This table with all of the adjustments still cost right under $100 and would be so much more with these legs in a designer store. That’s cheaper than some Ikea bedside tables!

Now to bring in our feature artwork that will bring our color and our “Bohemian” part of Bohemian Farmhouse to life.  Shibori prints are bohemian in nature.  It is a Japanese word to embellish fabrics in all sorts of tie-dying (knotting and binding) methods. Well, we are not actually going to dye fabric in this installation, but create a design to look like hand-dyed fabric.

I created a hand drawn Shibori pattern and the ladies at Nailed It® DIY Studio cut a stencil for a large 2ft x 3ft framed sign to go over the bed.  In addition to tie everything together, I created custom printed fabric to sew a large bolster pillow for the center of the bed.  This will not only create cohesion, but by using one large bolster pillow, I did not have to shop for a collection of pillows.  Spoonflower is a great resource to learn about printing your own custom fabric if that interests you.  An alternative to accessorize your room, would be to either purchase an existing pillow to go with your color scheme, or purchase fabric from a craft store or online to sew your own custom pillow.  Most pillow cases take minimal sewing skills.

Now for the reveal!

Although this design is finished and guest ready, my next project will be window treatments to finish it off.  And, coming up on the blog, we will show you how to take this room design and layer it with some artistic details to bring it through the holiday season.

Can you adapt any of these design concepts into any of your own spaces to get the updated look of your dreams?  We would love to hear from you!  Share your own DIY projects on our Facebook Group or ask for feedback in your process: Join Nailed It® DIY Crew

Cheers and Happy Creating!



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