DIY Smores Bar

Are you looking for a fun DIY activity that the whole family can enjoy? A S’mores Bar is the answer!
This s’mores bar is portable and can be used indoors or out. The perfect solution to summer boredom, slumber parties, camping indoors, apartment or condo living, family game night, or for most of us that just don’t have access to a fire pit.
Here’s how you can make your own family S’mores Bar:
  1. Create your own 36” decorative box at your local Nailed It® DIY Studio. Your choice. Your design.
  2. Purchase some inexpensive river rock and fill your wooden box.
  3. Place three Sterno fire warmers into the wooden box with the river rock surrounding it.
  4. Grab your skewers and load them up with marshmallows.
Look at Shannon and Tara enjoying their creations!
How fun and easy is that?! This would also make for creative gift giving or a theme party idea.
Happy creating!
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DIY Plywood Floors

Are you looking for a budget friendly way to add hardwood floors to your home?  Misty and her husband, Scott, just installed DIY plywood floors that are beautiful and cost a small fraction of what installed hardwoods would cost.

Misty and Scott started with 1/2″ plywood sheets measuring 4ft x 8ft.  Their project took 13 sheets at $17 per sheet.  Misty chose a beautiful Carbon Gray stain and finished it with several coats of poly.  Here is how she did it:

Step 1:  Make sure to fill in any holes, knots or rough spots in your plywood sheets with wood filler.  Let dry.

Step 2: Cut your 1/2″ plywood sheets into planks 5 3/4″ wide to minimize waste.  In order to stagger the plank seams, they cut the planks in lengths of 24″, 36″, and 48″ lengths.  These will be your “hardwood” planks to install.  They used 1 1/4″ long finish nails to attach the planks to the subfloor.  No wood glue was used.


Step 3:  Sanding is the most important process in this DIY project.  The most efficient way to make this happen is to use a wood planer.  You may be able to rent one through a local tool rental store.

Step 4:  Install the plywood planks.  Make sure to stagger the seams where the planks come together in the proper manner.  It should be at least a 6″ spread from seams, most people use 12″ as a standard.  This will give your finished project a professional look.  Cutting your planks in the increments noted in Step 3 will aid greatly in this process.

Step 2: Stain or paint.

Tip: Make sure to sand any areas you encounter that are not smooth or need extra work.  Do this after the install and double check after the staining process.  You want to fix any imperfections before you paint the clear coat.

Step 3:  Paint two coats of polyurethane to seal your project and create a durable surface for cleaning and family fun.  Let the floor dry between coats.

The results are amazing!  For under $350, Misty and Scott created beautiful hardwood floors that their family will be able to enjoy for years to come. Are you ready to DIY your floors?  Share with us on The Nailed It DIY Crew!

DIY Hand Painted Tile Backsplash

Shannon is at it again!  Another weekend project renovating her kitchen by hand painting her tile backsplash.  You can update and modernize your kitchen with paint instead of a costly and messy tile demolition. Who’s ready to love their kitchen again?!

Builder grade to design worthy!  Shannon had her cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Naval and chose soft brass hardware knobs, brass pulls, and a modern globe light. She removed one cabinet and built her own open shelving display.  With all of these fabulous adjustments, it was her DIY tile project that put her design over the top in Modern Farmhouse design.  Here is how she did it:

Step 1:  Clean the tile using TSP and a rough scrub pad.

Step 2: Remove all of the caulking around the entire countertop so that so that you can add fresh caulk after you complete.

Step 3:  Paint two coats of the Bullseye primer.

Step 4:  Paint two coats of the chalk paint in linen white making sure it looks solid.    

Step 5: Begin stenciling by finding a good starting point.  Shannon’s was under the microwave. After the large pieces were stenciled, she cut the stencil up to use in the hard to reach spots. Clean the stencil every three to four uses. She made sure it dried by using a blow dryer so she didn’t have to wait!  After the stencil dried, shewent in and painted the grout lines white to create a more tiled look.

Step 6: Paint two coats of poly and let it dry in between.

shannon’s tip: Don’t rush into the poly step…it is tricky on chalk paint! It started wetting down the paint job and almost smeared it. Use a fine brush, painting a light coat only sweeping once over a spot, then let it dry and you should be set!

Shannon says, “Sit back and swoon over this $30 project!”  Join us on our DIY community page to share your own successes with tile painting!

Happy Creating!

On-Trend Leather Accents

Leather in home accessories is currently an on-trend hotspot.  And, it is being used in unusual ways.  The key to mixing leather in home fashion today is with the juxtaposition of texture.  Using contrasting textures like glass, concrete, wood, and textiles with leather creates an Industrial/ Cottage Chic design style.


We first tried our hand at DIY Industrial Chic Leather Napkin Rings seen in this blog tutorial. And most recently, these DIY Leather Accent Pillows.  See our Inspiration Video below.


All of these leather accents can be incorporated into any existing decor. I encourage you to pursue an accent or DIY project with leather that interests you.  There is always a way to make it your own through color and design that will allow your decor to highlight hotspot trends!

If you would like to try some DIY leather projects of your own, the Nailed It DIY Studios are mixing leather handles and industrial brass hardware into their designs!  They will walk you through your project step by step so that any DIY enthusiast can try the trend first hand!  Find locations near you.

Entertaining has never been so chic as seen here with these leather handles created and added to buffet boards!

How can you add leather accents into your home or DIY design?  Whether it is something you make by hand or something you purchase, even the smallest accents can give you the Industrial Chic design style you are looking for and place you on a trend setting path within your own home.

Happy Creating!

DIY Acrylic Sign- Video Tutorial

If you followed our latest post on the whimsical playroom DIY makeover, you were privy to some of the details that made it magical.  One of those details was an acrylic cupcake sign for the Bakery Trailer.  It gave the design a clean, modern flair and some depth and “reality” to an otherwise flat design.

Here is how it was done.  See below for a materials list and tips.

Painting on acrylic is not hard, but it does take multiple coats of paint if you want an opaque color or design.  I kept holding mine up to the light to make sure I achieved my desired opaqueness.  Remember, if you use a stencil or other design, you will need to print or cut it out as a mirror image.  The design should be placed on the backside of the acrylic so that it shows through and creates that glass-like reflection.  I chose to put a color behind my cupcake design to make it stand out a little more, but you can also choose to let your wall color be your background.

Here is a supply list:

Lexan Acrylic 8″x10″ Sheet,  Aluminum Stand-Offs, Acrylic Paint, Sea Sponge for detail painting, Smooth Paint Roller if painting entire back, Drill, and Drill Bit


Feel free to reach out with any questions! This was a fun project to try in a different medium other than wood.  And, the result was perfect for this whimsical DIY playroom.

Happy Creating!

The Magic of DIY in the Eyes of Children

Oh, to be a child again!  My husband jokes that I relive my childhood through my little ones.  Absolutely, I do!  Every. Single. Day.  The wonderment and pure joy of learning something new for the first time or the excitement of seeing a pink sunset is a beautiful thing. (Pink is a big color topic in my house with all girls.)  Needless to say, when I get a wild hair for a new DIY trick or install, it usually centers around my kids.

Our playroom had gotten out of hand…we had hit rock bottom in the hodge podge of disaster.  So, I decided to take action.  My girls love to play bakery and anything that has to do with creating art.  Since I have already admitted that I am reliving my childhood, I will also admit that I happen to be enamored with gypsy travel trailers and food trucks.  The inspiration had begun….


One thing I knew up front, was there would be minimal if any construction on this particular project.  I wanted to be able to change it out quickly as the kids grew or interests changed.  Color and design was on the top of my list.  One of my favorite design tricks is to use wallpaper to create play spaces.  Spoonflower has a removable woven wallpaper that I use often.  It is super easy to install and I have used it for things like a custom doll house and to top a train table to create a seasonal Christmas village for the girls.

After drawing the bakery trailer design, the hardest part was scaling it properly and figuring out the install with the wallpaper panels.  It is not necessary to draw in order to do a project like this.  A photo would be an amazing way to capture your DIY vision and it would actually look realistic.  The table was added for practicality so that the girls could do art projects and have imaginative play at the same time.  I used an Ikea table top, two legs and two wall brackets to create the art space and “ledge” of the trailer.  Since I was dealing with a small desk space and a bright colorful design, I did not want to block it with two heavy chairs.  I found these acrylic chairs on sale and love the look!


Anyone with little ones knows that details are very important.  The details hold all of the magic!  In subsequent posts, I will share with you how I created some of the details in the room.  Details include an acrylic cupcake sign, a tic-tac-toe game set and matching tea towels at Nailed It DIY Studio, and the hand-drawn London phone booth that was also printed on wallpaper.  Can you imagine the conversations that are taking place on this vintage looking telephone?!

I will say it once more…Oh, to be a child again!  And, we accomplished it with the magic of DIY!

And, the best part really is the….



DIY Industrial Leather Napkin Ring Tutorial and Video

Do you love entertaining for the Holidays?  We do, and are always looking for unique and easy ways to accent our tabletops when serving our guests.  Mixing textures and materials is a wonderful way to create a design “pop” on your table design.  Leather and gold are two trend accents that fit perfectly into our Modern Farmhouse theme that create an industrial chic look that can be used all year around.


Here is what you need…


You can purchase all of the nuts, washers and screws at your local hardware store and the leather strap at a craft store or recycle an old belt.  Thrift stores are also great resources for leather belts that you can cut for your napkin rings.  They provide a tried and true worn look that increases the visual texture and storyboard of your table design.

Please note that depending on the size of the belt you use, you may want to change the size of your screws, washers and nuts.  I chose a very robust screw because I wanted an oversized look; however, pick the size that you like to go with your leather strap.  Once you are in the brass hardware section of the hardware store, you can pull different sizes to view next to your leather strap.  I also chose slotted screws as I think they give a higher end look, but Phillips head is a fine option as well.  And, you can always choose silver instead of gold if it matches your design better.

Use a box knife or Exacto Knife to cut the leather strap in one 8″ long strip.  You will have to make several passes with the knife to cut through the leather…patience is a virtue here.  After cutting, measure down 1″ from one end and find the center.  Then drill that hole out slowly as not to rip and pull the leather.  Fold the leather strap over to meet the other edge and line up.  Then, drill through existing hole through the other side of the leather strap to complete both holes.  Finally, attach the hardware.

See our video on how it’s done!

Make sure to share your creations with us on the Nailed It Lifestyle Crew on Facebook!

Cheers and Happy Creating!

Holiday Trend Colors and Transition

Winter is nearly upon us, and if you keep up with color trends, then you have probably seen these tones floating around in retail stores.  These colors are also translating into holiday designs.  Are you a traditional green and red holiday designer?  Do you like all white or a monochromatic theme?  Could you steer away from your comfort zone and drive in tones of wheat, mauve and deep blue?  We are going to try it with our Bohemian Farmhouse guest bedroom we recently updated.  Since our room is a modern farmhouse design using these trend colors to blend current design styles may just work…

Let’s try it!

The trend colors translate into Nailed It® Studio’s Ocean Depth and Blushing Bride colors.  So, that is what we will incorporate into our holiday designs.  We want the layering of designs to take us from Fall/Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas into the New Year.  How do we do that with minimal additions/purchases? And what do we use to do it?

My go to pieces for layering between holidays are pillows, throws, greenery, and/or family heirlooms.  In this case, we are going to try layering our artwork.  That can sound expensive, but not when you make minimal adjustments to an already established focal point.  We created that in our Bohemian Farmhouse guest room update so we are right on track.

I went to Nailed It® DIY Studio and created some new accent signs in smaller 14″x14″ and 9″x9″ square sizes.  I did not want a complicated design or to complicate it with a lot of colors in order to keep it more modern and clean.  They had so many wonderful designs to choose from and I could take bold elements to pair with my more complicated Shibori design.  There were 6 signs created in total to switch in and out during the holiday season that would take me from September until March.  That’s half a year!

Here are the combinations I came up with:

After this exercise in design, I found it refreshingly easy to change out a guest room for six months out of the year.  I like that it stays clean and modern, but relevant to the seasons to make my guests feel at home.  If a more modern farmhouse look is not to your liking, you can add more holiday decor items like throws, greenery, or family heirlooms into the mix.  The textures and finishes you use on your wood artwork can also play a role in the feel of your room.

I would say, overall, I like the pop of Blushing Bride to accent the Christmas holiday.  It is a bright pop of color to accent a holiday of cheer!

What are your thoughts? Could you use minimal accents in one of your rooms to make seasonal changes? Could you use mauve and deep blue tones for your holiday decor?  Share your designs over on the Nailed It® DIY Crew Facebook Group.

Cheers and Happy Creating!

Making a Difference with Positive Words

Community is an important part of Nailed It’s mission.  Shannon had a vision of promoting positive words for children through a local school which became national news.  Here are her own words:

Just imagine how many lives could be changed by this one news story. Or how many kids could find themselves walking into positive messages in their bathrooms because it inspires someone to do this in their school. These tiny minds are being trained by our words and our environments that we are creating for them.

I get it. I wasn’t fed the best of messages during my times at school and I’ll forever have empathy for those kids that feel alone. I know what it felt like to be pointed and laughed at, called “fatty” or told I just wasn’t invited… wasn’t included. Ever. Finding notes in my locker reminding me how fat and ugly I was…I had to dig up inside me words to make myself feel better and often times, I wasn’t even sure how to do that. What if I ran into the bathroom and was reminded, “you got this!” Or “you are beautiful.”?

God certainly knew I could handle it and that I had to go through it to let it set that fire in me. I made it out of those years and I’m now an adult that has a different understanding when a child is picked on or bullied. It sets something off in me that hurts still and I feel that kids pain. I know this is my turn to do something I can do that will make an impact. My weight didn’t end up defining me after all. So to all those who threw those mean words at me…I WAS rubber after all and I pray that you are teaching your kids to do better than you did. In the meantime, please know your the reason for this passion, so we’re even now.

Cheers to NBC and Bree Douglas for recognizing the strength behind words painted on a bathroom stall. Cheers to all those that are inspired tomorrow when this airs across the country.

What a meaningful impact on a local school broadcasted nationally.  This story will be more far reaching than she ever could have imagined when others follow suit and help out in their own communities.

Be Kind.  Share Love.  Make a difference.

Bohemian Farmhouse Guest Room

Everyone loves to refresh rooms in their homes.  What most of us really want is a complete gut job and for Joanna Gaines herself to come in and just take over.  And, unfortunately, for most of us, that is unattainable.  So how can we make simple design choices to update spaces that make an impact? 

The holidays are upon us and the first thing I think about are all of the guests that will be in and out of our homes and span the length of several holidays.  We all want inviting spaces that make us proud to host the special people in our lives.  So how do we start?

  1. Choose what inspires you!  Our inspiration comes from a little bit of Farmhouse, a modern twist, with a dash of bohemian.  So, Bohemian Farmhouse it is!
  2. Work with the bones of your room.  What is the existing wall color, bedding, and basic furniture?  Does any of it fit within your inspiration board? Clear out all of the other clutter to start with a clean slate.
  3. Highlight the simple elements in your inspiration rooms and bring those into your space.  Our elements are a deep blue, a farmhouse bed, rustic wood tones, brass and a Shibori print.

Let’s get started!  Are you ready for the before…here’s what we are working with.

Luckily for us the wall color in this room is a perfect neutral greige, Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray.  We have a farmhouse bed that fits within our inspiration and neutral bedding that may work if we bring in a few accents to make it pop.  What we don’t see are rustic wood tones to set this space apart and any sign of actual color, wall decor, or a bohemian pattern.  Seems like a tall order…let’s break it down.

Remember, this a simple update with a big impact.  We are not going to re-paint and completely strip out this room.  We are working with what we have by adding a few accents and a color to achieve our Bohemian Farmhouse look.

Wood Tones   By looking at the before picture, the easiest way to bring in wood tones is with a new side table and with any artwork above the bed.  I want to be able to change out artwork seasonally, or add to it, so a wood ledge is a perfect choice for this space. And, to stay on-trend, it should be a floating wood shelf.  You can easily interchange artwork and accents without riddling your wall with a barrage of holes to hang things and worry about lining up different collections.

Brass   The easiest way to bring brass or soft gold into the room will be through the side table lighting.

Color   Nailed It® DIY Studio came out with the most beautiful on-trend winter colors recently.  So, my choice became a no-brainer with Ocean Depth which is similar to the colors in my inspiration photos.

Let’s go shopping!  Here is what I ended up with…

I was able to achieve my designer look within a small budget by shopping at Home Goods for the table and lamp. And, the shelf at Pottery Barn happened to be on sale. I fell in love with the organic shape and color and texture of the wood table.  However, the legs did not match within the design scheme.  The beautiful top and the affordable price still made me purchase this piece with the intent to refinish the legs in farmhouse black.  No problemo, right?!

Well, I ran in to an additional snag when I brought the side table back in to the space.  Not only was the color off, it was too short!  So, it was time to weigh my options.  Do I return the piece, or look for a solution?  I was in love with the table top so I researched legs and found some hairpin legs that would be on-trend for this design and the correct color!  And, to be honest, for the price, there was no looking back.  I chose the 24″ high legs, but I could have used the 28″ as well.  This table with all of the adjustments still cost right under $100 and would be so much more with these legs in a designer store. That’s cheaper than some Ikea bedside tables!

Now to bring in our feature artwork that will bring our color and our “Bohemian” part of Bohemian Farmhouse to life.  Shibori prints are bohemian in nature.  It is a Japanese word to embellish fabrics in all sorts of tie-dying (knotting and binding) methods. Well, we are not actually going to dye fabric in this installation, but create a design to look like hand-dyed fabric.

I created a hand drawn Shibori pattern and the ladies at Nailed It® DIY Studio cut a stencil for a large 2ft x 3ft framed sign to go over the bed.  In addition to tie everything together, I created custom printed fabric to sew a large bolster pillow for the center of the bed.  This will not only create cohesion, but by using one large bolster pillow, I did not have to shop for a collection of pillows.  Spoonflower is a great resource to learn about printing your own custom fabric if that interests you.  An alternative to accessorize your room, would be to either purchase an existing pillow to go with your color scheme, or purchase fabric from a craft store or online to sew your own custom pillow.  Most pillow cases take minimal sewing skills.

Now for the reveal!

Although this design is finished and guest ready, my next project will be window treatments to finish it off.  And, coming up on the blog, we will show you how to take this room design and layer it with some artistic details to bring it through the holiday season.

Can you adapt any of these design concepts into any of your own spaces to get the updated look of your dreams?  We would love to hear from you!  Share your own DIY projects on our Facebook Group or ask for feedback in your process: Join Nailed It® DIY Crew

Cheers and Happy Creating!