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Have you ever thought about owning your own business?

The idea seems to be so simple and popular, so naturally, some folks wonder if we came up with it on our own. The answer is YES! Misty and Shannon come from an extremely creative background in both their personal and professional lives.


In 2014, a local church came to Shannon and asked if she would be willing to come to their parish to lead a group of women in creating a DIY project for their homes. Naturally, Shannon jumped at the chance. That one event paved the perfect path for this business venture. Throughout that entire night, until sun up, Shannon and her best friend, Kristy, ran through every scenario that would need to happen to make this a reality. Shannon spent the following week finding a location and putting the pieces together. Shannon’s husband, Duane, went to work building the table that became the staple seating for our workshops.


Nailed It DIY Studios held it’s first class on September 9th, 2014, and it was an instant success. Misty and Shannon had a friendship that allowed Misty to motivate Shannon to continue this journey at full speed! They knew they each had strengths that were imperative to the growth of Nailed It. Shortly thereafter, the perfect opportunity for Misty and Shannon to form a business partnership happened. Together, they have created a brand that has allowed them to do what they both love.


Misty and Shannon collaborate on every single project, ensuring that each piece is something their customers will love. They continue to always engage with their customers directly via Social Media, ensuring their customers know how important they are to the business.


Nailed It DIY Owners Shannon Evans Misty Grant
Shannon Evans + Misty Grant

Master DIY Instructors/ Owners of Nailed It DIY Franchise

Misty and Shannon come from an extremely creative background in both their personal and professional lives. They both owned successful home decor companies before joining forces in 2014, shortly after the inception of the Nailed It DIY Franchise. There is not a home renovation that they have not personally tackled and can guide you through. Their expertise in wood construction and finish application make them an important component of the DIY industry. It’s no wonder why Nailed It DIY Studios are opening up all over the nation. Their hands-on approach to DIY product design and customer execution is clearly displayed in the products they create and the leadership they provide. These Master DIY Instructors have taught hundreds of DIY classes by empowering men, women, and children to pick up a hammer and some wood and “Nail It.”

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